Christina Blessau is The Flower Lady … a flower grower and designer in Addison NY.

Christina arranges a delightful offering of seasonal mixed bouquets created from flowers grown in her own fields. Every spring Christina carefully nurtures over 15,000 seedlings until her 2 acres are bursting with color and scents from the huge variety of blossoms. Not one is picked before it is just right for your bouquet. In fall and winter, Christina offers dried flower arrangements and holiday wreaths — all made from flowers and evergreens from her fields. The Flower Lady began her career growing flowers in the Hamptons in 1992 and has been growing and creating in Addison since 1999.

You can find her at the following markets throughout the season:

Wednesday: Bath Morning until 2pm
Thursday: Corning 9am – 3pm
Friday: Corner of Chestnut and West Market in Corning, 2pm -6pm
Saturday: The Windmill, near Penn Yan, 8am -4.30pm


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